Diebold, Incorporated


Alhamrani Universal (AU) is the exclusive distributor for Diebold, Incorporated products and solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Founded in 1859 in Canton, Ohio, United Stated of America, Diebold today is a leading service company providing integrated technology solutions that enable our customers to maximize their self-service and security capabilities.

Diebold’s primary customers include financial institutions, as well as government agencies, commercial enterprises and various retail outlets.

Diebold service staff is one of the largest in the industry, with more than 6,000 professionals in 600 locations worldwide.  The service organizations service Diebold solutions as well as multiple third-party vendor products for the financial and commercial market segments around the globe.

Diebold Solutions

  • Self-Service Solutions
    Diebold offers an integrated line of self-service banking solutions and ATMs. Diebold is a leading global supplier of ATMs, and holds the leading market position in many countries around the world.
  • Security Solutions
    Diebold provides security and facility solutions that increase productivity, improve customer service, reduce costs and enhance security for assets and people. Diebold's integrated security solutions contain best-in-class solutions and award-winning services for an organization's unique needs. Diebold security solutions are supported by continuous research and development, quality manufacturing processes, a knowledgeable professional sales staff and an unparalleled service organization.
  • Software Solutions
    Diebold offers software solutions consisting of multiple applications that process events and transactions. These solutions are delivered on the appropriate platform allowing Diebold to meet customer requirements while adding new functionality in a cost-effective manner. Diebold also provides professional services to assist in the implementation of software solutions. These services include communication network review, systems integration, custom software and project management that encompass all facets of a successful implementation.
  • Integrated Services
    Diebold’s Integrated Services® outsourcing solution integrates cross-disciplinary functions into comprehensive customer solutions.  It includes both hardware and software capabilities, and provides professional and managed services, transaction processing, security and more.


For more information about markets and services, visit the Products & Services section of Diebold Web site.