Your channel integration solution.

Agilis financial self-service software can help you meet the challenge of retail channel transformation with the customization and flexibility your multi-channel environments require. Why react to banking evolution, when you can lead the way?  

Tighten customer relationships.  

From personalized ATM screens to custom promotions, Agilis® software lets you deliver a smooth evolution to Web services, helps you improve relationships, and leads to greater revenue.  

Increase efficiency and optimize your network.  

With its deliberate and powerful use of XML, Agilis software can be quickly and easily integrated into a multi-vendor network across all of your enterprise-level systems.  

Customizable. Flexible.  

Agilis software gives you the platform to respond to change with extreme flexibility.
Speed time to market and eliminate the need to "code."  

Extensible. Stable.  

Add new transactions without changing code.  

Increased speed to market.  

Reuse existing code.  

Multi-vendor. Windows-based.

  • Speeds delivery across all channels
  • Facilitates making transitions to new delivery modes
  • Leverages synergies across all your retail venues

Simple, fast integration.  

Integrates seamlessly with self-service and enterprise-level software and hardware.  

  • Permits cross-channel continuity and channel integration
  • Adds revenue by leveraging existing financial institution products
  • Reduces costs by reusing existing applications
  • Connects to multiple host systems to procure required services:
    • No need to wait for changes, updates and customizations to be made
    • Changes take place at your locations
    • You're up and running faster

Diebold Agilis Software Suite

Agilis Overall software suite name
Agilis 91x Agilis application that supports Diebold's 911/912 protocol
Agilis NDx Agilis application that emulates NCR's NDC & NDC+ protocol
Agilis IFX Agilis application that supports IFX protocol
Agilis XFS Diebold's XFS service providers
Agilis Power Software development toolkit containing common components used for developing custom applications to meet unique requirements of customers