750 - Advanced Function, Island, Drive-up ATM

The OPTEVA 750 ATM offer customers convenient, 24 hour access and a full array of banking transactions at a safe and secure island drive-up environment.  

Increased Functionality and Configuration Flexibility:  

  • Full Deposit Automation functionalities easily integrated into drive up solution 
  • Minimized ATM footprint offers the most functionality for the footprint size 

Diebold recognizes that the installation of Island terminals in extreme heat environment reduces their operating life, regardless of manufacturer. Diebold has studied the impacts of heat, and has determined that it is in our customer’s best interest to develop and offer an environmental kit that reduces the impact of these high temperatures.  

For those island terminals located in extreme heat environments, Diebold has taken a pro-active approach to temperature controlling the internal electronics through the use of an integrated air-conditioner.