522 - Lobby Cash Dispenser

Ease of use and blazing transaction speeds make this freestanding cash dispenser a sought after choice for lobby and off-premises use. The Diebold Opteva 522 packs more features than any other terminal its size. In fact, it’s smaller than other cash dispensers yet it holds 25 percent more cash. That means less cash handling and more customer uptime.  

The 522 supports the largest color display with optional function keys for a cash dispenser this size.  It also offers a wide variety of features for enhanced customer services and increased revenue generating potential.

More than a cash dispenser

The Opteva 522 Lobby Cash Dispenser lets you provide your customers with more services than you’ll find anywhere else:

  • Media dispensing (cash, coupons, tickets, etc.)
  • Marketing messages
  • Funds transfer operations
  • Electronic payments
  • Balance inquiries