828 - FLEX Series Advanced Function, Lobby ATM

Diebold’s Opteva 828 lobby ATM integrates deposit automation and recycling-ready technology (ECRM) to accommodate both cash-in and cash-out functionality while enhancing the consumer experience, streamlining the cash cycle and preparing for future cash-recycling demands.

This addition to Diebold’s award-winning Opteva family the 828 ATM offers a complete suite of deposit automation solutions in addition to a five-high advanced function dispenser.

The 828 can be equipped with Diebold’s statement printer and check-acceptance offerings including the Intelligent Depository Module (IDM V) and the Bulk Document Intelligent Depository Module (IDMBD®). Both modules accept checks inserted without an envelope, capture the check image and display it on the ATM screen for verification.

The IDM V accepts individual checks, while the IDMBD accepts multiple checks, can detect double checks and offers high-capacity sequential check storage in a lockable bin.

Maximum Efficiency

  • The Opteva 828 advanced function terminals are equipped with up to five high-capacity cassettes recycler and five high-capacity dispenser
  • Cassettes can be split into 2 different denomination compartments
  • Up to 13,100-note deposit capacity
  • Up to 10,800-note recycling capacity
  • Up to 23,000-note dispense capacity
  • Maximize efficiencies by minimizing the time and costs associated with courier visits
  • Larger note capacity keeps the terminal functioning for longer time periods