740 - Advanced Function, Through-the-wall, Drive-up ATM

Increase your transaction throughput and expand capabilities in virtually any drive-up location environment. The Opteva 740 is an advanced full-function, through-the-wall, drive-up terminal, designed for installation off premises. It is optimally designed for exterior deployments as all modules are protected against environmental incidents such as rain and snow.

The Opteva 740 is feature-rich, supporting cash or other media dispensing with our 4-cassette advanced function dispenser, as well as the following features:

  • Envelope dispense and deposit or bulk cash deposits
  • Check cashing and deposit functionality with the Intelligent Depository Module and Coin Dispenser
  • Advanced printing transactions for statements, loan applications and other document printing, with two color graphical receipt and statement printer
  • 15.1" color LCD touch screen, sunlight viewable consumer display

Increased Functionality and Configuration Flexibility:

  • Design accommodates various construction mediums
  • Minimized terminal footprint offers the most functionality for the footprint size
  • Configuration flexibility allows you to start with a cash dispenser and upgrade to an ATM with advanced functionality.