760 - Advanced Function, Through-the-wall, Walk-up ATM

The Opteva 760 is an advanced full-function, through-the-wall, walk-up terminal, designed for installation on or off premises. It is optimally designed for exterior deployments as all modules are protected against environmental incidents such as rain and dust storm.

The Opteva 760 is feature-rich, supporting cash or other media dispensing with our 5-cassette advanced function dispenser, as well as the following features:  

  • Envelope dispense and deposit or  bulk cash deposits
  • Check cashing and deposit functionality with the Intelligent Depository Module and Coin Dispenser
  • Advanced printing transactions for statements, loan applications and other document printing, with two color graphical receipt and statement printer
  • Passbook Printing Functionality
  • 15.1" color LCD touch screen, sunlight viewable consumer display 
  • Bar code reader

The 760 allows this through-the-wall walk-up ATM to provide consumers fast and secure transactions that are easily accessible with ergonomically designed consumer contact points with color coded lead-through indicators. More than any other competitor, Diebold by far offers the most ATM functionality for the installation footprint.