AST 7008/16, Advanced Functions TCR

Represents the perfect combination between a TCR and a deposit unit. Perfect for back-office and retail applications, it is featured by a high capacity (up to 5.600 recycled banknotes + 4.000 banknotes in the self-sealing disposable bag). The unit can be equipped with a Bundling System to bundle the cash deposited in the machine automatically, minimizing the back-office effort. 

  • Modularity of the recycling drums (16- 8 - 6 - 4)
  • In retail applications it is the perfect tool for the preparation of the teller’s shift start kit and the shift end deposit
  • It can be interfaced with coin handling devices. The multicurrency operation mode makes it perfectly suitable for any bank and extra-bank backgrounds.
  • Banknotes’ recognition can be made with an authenticity sensor or with a Fitness validator in compliance with the ECB standards
  • The maintenance footprint is minimized thanks to the modular system and two separate internal frames
  • If the bank’s requirements should change over time from a lot of cash in to be handled to big amounts of banknotes to be recycled, AST 7008 WIN can be converted into AST 7016 thanks to the PLUG & PLAY module, which allows to replace the frame carrying the self-sealing disposable bag with an 8-drum frame
  • Flawless fitness management, as the worn out banknotes are directly stored into the bag