AST 7016 - High Capacity TCR

AST 7016 is an automatic cash in-cash out recycling unit designed to meet the requirements of those bank branches where the amount of recycled banknotes is particularly high.

Equipped with 16 drums with a capacity of up to 700 banknotes each, this unit is the most capacious and flexible now available on the market: it can handle and recycle up to 11,200 banknotes. The multicurrency operation mode makes it perfect for any bank background.

Thanks to its extremely high capacity it is also ideal for back-office applications to be used by several Operators. Banknotes’ recognition can be made with an authenticity sensor or with a Fitness validator in compliance with the ECB standards. 

The maintenance footprint is minimized thanks to the modular system and two separate internal frame. If the bank’s requirements should change over time from big amounts of banknotes to be recycled to a lot of cash in to be handled, AST 7016 can be converted into AST 7008 WIN thanks to the PLUG & PLAY module, which allows to replace an 8-drum frame with a frame carrying a self-sealing disposable bag.

Dramatic reduction of the teller’s working time both in deposit and withdrawal stages (high transaction speed: 7 banknotes/second). Thanks to the high security level it makes open branches something really possible.

  • Real time update of balances and cash in hands
  • Possibility to return the last deposit made
  • It considerably reduces the cash in hand within the branch
  • Software and hardware for the management of alarms and security locks