Automatic Identification System Solutions (AIS)


Along with its worldwide, well known business partners, AU provides the international maritime community with shipborne and shore-based automatic identification system solutions (AIS), compliant with and certified to meet international standards.
Our products – ranging from shipborne and airborne transponders to base stations and network software for Vessel Traffic Management in coastal and inland waters and harbours – are well known for their innovative design and modern technology. We offer customer-specific applications that are fully integrated into our customers’ operational environment. We also provide aircraft and vessel traffic management based on a unique combination of AIS and VDL Mode 4 technology. 
Our AIS base stations fulfill all the requirements of relevant international AIS standards and are flexible systems that are easily configured to meet different customer requirements. Regardless of configuration – basic or dual transponder solutions for extended availability – they offer superior performance and quality at very attractive prices. 
Powerful network software solutions make it easy to integrate a few base stations, as well as a distributed larger network to a port management system or a central VTS system. The Sub-network Controller gives powerful support for handling all AIS target information received. It also filters the information and logs it in the database. The Network Manager includes support for remote monitoring, maintenance and upgrades of base station chains to ensure high availability while keeping operational costs at a minimum.
AU combines unique competence in radio technology, software development and system integration with experience from communication, navigation and surveillance applications for shipping and aviation, effectively providing safety and efficiency at reduced operational costs.