AU offers a comprehensive set of integrated security solutions for both the commercial and government sector, including multi-biometric identification, and video surveillance. Fingerprint and facial recognition solutions are recognized as the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric technologies for identification.
Biometrics help protect privacy by erecting a barrier between personal data and unauthorized access. Technically, biometric capture devices create electronic digital templates that are encrypted and stored and then compared to encrypted templates derived from "live" images in order to confirm the  identity of a person. 
The templates are generated from complex and proprietary algorithms and are then encrypted using strong cryptographic algorithms to secure and protect them from disclosure. Thus, standing alone, biometric templates cannot be reconstructed, decrypted, reverse-engineered, or otherwise manipulated to reveal a person's identity. In short, biometrics can be thought of as a very secure key unless a biometric gate is unlocked by using the right key, no one can gain access to a person's identity.
Facial Recognition has great advantages over other biometrics. It enables faces to be recorded and archived at a distance, act as a crime deterrent, and help identify a person immediately or at a later date. The contact-free non-obtrusive procedure makes for a more acceptable and easier integrated identification solution using existing cameras. Biometric face recognition has achieved a high profile, not only in security applications, but it has also become increasingly important in registering and verifying individuals.

Biometrics applications include:

  • Consumer verification
  • Individual identification
  • Border control
  • Security surveillance
  • Access control