Central Monitoring Station (CMS)
Alhamrani Universal offers monitoring software, hardware and services along with 24/7 central monitoring station for automation products to security alarm monitoring centers throughout the operating markets.
Our solution is designed for all type of markets from public to private segments, home or business sector to protect from lives to assets. We help our customers through various plans that provide flexibility, reliability, efficiency and ease of access to their required services.
Alhamrani CMS interacts faster than a traditional alarm to send out a speedier response and the Event Monitoring Center can monitor ATM, Kiosk, Facility, or Operations with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained specialists, 24/7.
As a consultative, industry-knowledgeable sales and service organization, we are committed to developing and providing an ever-expanding range of solutions to help our customers. We are a single-source solution provider that fill the gap between product and maintenance service offerings.