Long Distance Night Vision Solutions

AU offers a wide range of specialized cameras to the market. Depending on your needs and requirements, various options from thermal cameras to Laser cameras, or even a combination of both could be used to secure your perimeter whether on land or sea.

Our long distance night vision systems provide effective seaport monitoring (military and civil) for detecting threats and targets of up to 30 kilometers in all types of weather and environment. Integrated with radars, the solution has proven its excellence in sea and land border protection system since fog, rain, sand and dust storms have very minimal detrimental effect on the system’s effective range and video clarity.

The solution acquires clear readable information from the target, ensuring accuracy and visibility which greatly helps our client to take the best possible action.

  • Growing terrorism and piracy threats in difficult-to-monitor waterways are adding to concerns about crew survival and cargo loss
  • On-board perimeter awareness measures, including long-range night vision cameras to identify threats sooner, even in poor visibility
  • The refugee flood, illegal immigration, and smuggling are prompting governments to strengthen coastal and border surveillance programs
  • Environmental surveillance aimed at reducing shipments of illegal oil and toxic materials
  • War on Drugs programs, search and rescue operations, and for identifying illegal fishing activities