Networking Solutions

Network Communication Controller

The NCC Blade is the Ingenico’s networking device design for large terminal concentration (banking, retail, etc.) and the NCC can be used as a LAN Controller; Transaction Router; or a POS Concentrator.

Ingenico’s Networking Solutions are designed to respond efficiently to any data and POS communication need and provide the additional secured connectivity you need. Designed to reduce operating costs and maximize your investment in existing POS estates, these solutions both enable the development of end-to-end transaction management systems.



NCC Modular Design Components


Management Blade


The main board that handles all the TCP/IP connections to the host

  • Up to 250 Simultaneous transactions per host/switch connection

  • Embedded firewall

  • Embedded NAT/PAT routing capabilities

  • Remote administration through Telnet, SSH and Network Management System

  • Built-in monitoring tool (CS System)

  • Interconnection of NCC via VPN

CPU004 Board

The heart of the NCC Blade System as an NCC consists of a number of processors cooperating in a multiprocessor system which together achieves the desired function.

IP Blade

Designed to receive connections form any IP-based POS (Ethernet or GPRS) and can be a downlink or an uplink card, depending on software configuration.

PSTN Blade

The next generation of Dual Modem card.

E1/T1 Blade

The next generation of ISDN PRI card.