Physical Security Solutions

Your livelihood depends upon the protection of your assets. And as threats continue to grow in prevalence and sophistication, now is not the time for a complacent security strategy.

Whether its fundamental access control or a comprehensive security system, innovative building security or complex data protection, you need a security partner that understands today’s threats.

Modular Vaults

Pre-engineered, factory-built modular vault panels feature exclusive high-density composite concrete mix cured to more than three times the hardness of typical site-poured concrete– at half the weight. Modular design allows panels additions and complete vault relocation easily.

Relocatable Arms Vault

The Relocatable Arms Vault (RAV) is factory-assembled and delivered as one complete, fully-featured package. It is the first lightweight concrete portable arms vault to meet the GSA AA-V-2940 federal specification.

Vault Doors and Daygates

Our GSA-approved Class 5 high-security vault and armory doors ensure the best protection against overt and covert attacks.

The daygate, constructed of expanded metal supported by a sturdy, steel-angle, provides controlled access during the hours of operation when the vault door is open.

Information Processing System Container

The Class 5 information processing system (IPS) container provides secured storage of classified documents, components, material and equipment.


The CashGard (UL-15) and MasterGard (UL-30) safes are UL-listed burglar-resistive depository chests, come in variety of modular designs and protect your valuables from physical attack and fire.