Search & Rescue Solutions (SAR)

AU provides satellite-based products used around the world to locate, track, and communicate with cargo, personnel and fleet assets. The solution for tracking, messaging and recovery systems gives military and civil organizations the ability to locate and safeguard these assets even in the world’s most remote and hostile places.

The products and services can easily be customized to meet the needs of fleet managers, NGOs, and logistics officers working in a wide range of organizations, industries and geographic locations. 

Our solution helps your operation process COSPAS-SARSAT beacon data, increasing its capabilities to save more lives. Receive and process distress beacon data (from COSPAS-SARSAT satellites), pinpoint emergency locations, and distribute SAR data:

  • Automation of beacon information processing
  • Visual display of Search & rescue (SAR) data

Search & Rescue Solution Areas

  • Satellite Ground Stations
  • Mission Control Center
  • Rescue Coordination Center