Self-Service Solutions

AU offers customized Kiosk solutions for self-service and 24-hour payment/vending needs that provide consumer convenience and help merchants generate additional revenue around the clock.  This includes indoor and outdoor self-service solutions such as Municipal Kiosks; Ticketing Kiosks; Hotel Services Kiosks; Manufacturing Kiosks; Internet Banking Kiosks; Phone Banking Kiosks; Payment Collection & Top-up Kiosks; Loan Application Kiosks; and Information Kiosks.

Self-Service solutions can accept cash payment or cashless card payments or both. For cash payment, the self-service solution will have a banknote and/or coin acceptor/dispenser. For cashless card payment, our self-service solution incorporate Ingenico’s unattended self-service components (iSelf Series) which are in use in Kiosk solutions world-wide and meet the highest and latest hardware & software security requirements of the payment industry.