Vacuum Air Transfer (Point 2 Point) Systems
Whether a basic point-to-point, two-station configuration or a highly sophisticated, microprocessor controlled state-of-the-art system is required, AU has the perfect solution. Carriers negotiate their way through the network at speeds of approximately 30 feet per second, transporting their contents safely to the assigned destination.
When routine errands can be handled at a speed of 6-8m/sec rather than on foot, the performance of your entire operation is enhanced. Two of the most valuable assets in any business are time and money. Aerocom tube systems save both. There is an added benefit beyond the black and white savings of money and time.
AU offers the widest variety in system sizes and designs, to carry just about anything that will fit in a system.
From the most fragile to industrial applications, AU has the technology and system design to meet your needs. Offer all of the individual components necessary for a complete system, including a full line of stations, tubing and material, carriers, diverters, blowers and other accessories.
Stations can be connected by a horizontal run or mounted vertically. Tubing can be installed overhead, or underground. Air transfer provide solution for various business sectors such as
  • Hospital
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Govt.Buildings
  • Drive-Up
  • Auto Dealers