Video Surveillance
Seeing is believing, and where video surveillance systems are concerned, a clear image is integral to safety. AU Offered CCTV solution therefore comprises a wide range of standard, megapixel, and  high-definition (HD) models capable of safeguarding any infrastructure.
A range of products designed to capture images in the most demanding conditions including extreme temperature ranges, low-light and no-light environments, corrosive or volatile atmospheres and areas where physical attack to the product may occur.
We offer true day/night and backlight compensation as salient features to ensure quality images in difficult lighting conditions. Through integrated audio and digital input/output contacts, these sturdy devices can be both your eyes and ears, guaranteeing that you can successfully secure myriad sites. 
Cameras can stream MJPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and H.264, enabling you to streamline the use of your video as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Modern Surveillance systems allow you to monitor areas from on site or anywhere else in the world using an internet connection. Recording events based on motion detection saves hours of time reviewing traditional analogue tapes. 
Cameras themselves may be visible so that their presence will help deter theft rather than just identify the thief, or they may be covert to uncover the perpetrator of persistent thefts. Technology now even allows us to view a room in complete darkness as if the lights where turned on.  
Video analytics allows us to analyze specific data in video such as; people counting, object & vehicle tracking, perimeter crossing detection just to name a few.