Electronic Cash Register (ECR)

As standards continuously evolve and new payment methods were introduced, the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) remains the reliable tool for the retail payments industry. However, ECRs cannot accept credit, debit, gift or loyalty card payments without stand-alone EFTPOS (payment) terminals. With this, we are proudly offering our new integrated ECR-EFTPOS solution.

Simple Connectivity with Lots of Benefits…

  • PCI and PA-DSS compliant
  • Secured data transmission between ECR and EFTPOS
  • Works with most ECRs
  • Ensure the data accuracy since the user will not enter any value manually at POS terminal. Cash register amount will be automatically transferred to POS terminal eliminating errors such as over charge/under charge to customers.
  • Single swipe/insert of customer card at POS terminal that speeds up the operations
  • Eliminates difficulty with settlement.