Biometric Terminal Models




Biometric Transactions with Mobility


The ultimate in secure transactions

  • Fully EMV and PCI PED approved

  • International security algorithms (DES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session)

  • MorphoSmart™ biometric module for seamless biometric identification and authorization


Perfect for both enrolment and controlling transactions

  • Superfast processing of powerful cryptographic algorithms

  • Fingerprints analysis in less than one second


Designed for outdoor mobility

  • Robust pocket-sized terminal with a long life battery and a fast printer

  • Protected from impacts, dust and rain using its dedicated holster

  • Wireless connectivity for transactions everywhere GPRS or Bluetooth


Highest security for a fingerprint terminal

  • Meets the highest and latest hardware & software security requirements of the payment industry including SPRED end-to-end encryption

  • Combines Chip & PIN, fingerprint verification and GPS positioning for the best ever KYC performance