Deposit Solution CDS 707

CDS 707 represents the perfect solution for retail back offices. A small but smart, an essential but high performing deposit unit, it is the right solution to meet any of your needs.

The extremely compact top plate is made of an input box which contains up to 150 notes at a time, a simple and essential notes’ transport, an authenticity sensor which can be ECB certified, a top cover customizable in colour and an exit box.

The 8 banknotes/sec input speed is ideal to manage high cash volumes. A user-friendly interface equipped with a PC board completes the work: the operator identifies himself through the Dallas key or the card reader and follows his deposit on a colourful and reliable touch screen, and then prints his own receipt. At the same time the online system banks the data.

CIMA offers two kinds of bags: the high capacity canvas bag containing up to 10.000 notes and locked by a cover and a manual seal, and the self-sealing disposable bag containing up to 4.000 notes, whose safety is doubly guaranteed by a dual locking system.

The self-sealing bag, which is called WinWin bag, releases the safe’s opening just once it has completely sealed, thereby allowing its emptying and money collection by one individual operator.

No longer 4 eyes but just 2 are needed, which results in a remarkable cost saving.

The bags' systems main strengths are higher security, reliability and solidity.

WinWin bags come with the RFID technology, which not only allows to store all data (unit that gave out the money, operator, banknotes’ quantity), but most importantly it guarantees that no uncompliant or opened bags are used.

Thanks to its competitiveness and high speed, CDS 707 is ideal for retailers, wholesalers, amusement parks and gas stations managers, chemist’s shops, cinemas, public transport companies and any time you want to cut off the money counting and CIT high costs and increase security.