More than a new logo

January 1, 2021

Welcome to AU


Over the past forty years, there has been an immense change in our industry. We have moved rapidly from traditional brick-and-mortar banking and retail to the digitization of every aspect of all our lives. Since 1981, Alhamrani Universal has been at the forefront in leading the change. From pioneering EMV payments to introducing the first ATM with bulk note acceptance, we’ve led the way.


Brands with a clear purpose are changing the way business is done. Not only in KSA, but beyond. Such companies not only tend to grow three times faster than their competitors, but they also achieve a higher level of workforce and customer satisfaction.


We believe a clear purpose is everything to an organization. It gives an organization a soul and an identity providing both a platform to build upon and a mirror to reflect its existence in the world. It articulates why an organization exists, what problems it is here to solve, and whom it wants to be to each customer it touches through its work.


Repositioning Alhamrani Universal to AU is a refreshment of our brand. The brand identity represents the passion we hold for our ultimate vision to facilitate a smarter world of financial transactions, with fewer limitations and access for all.

We felt it was the right time to renew and announce our purpose. Our purpose is of a marketing-led brand, who will continue as an industry pioneer. A marketing-led approach is all about putting our customers at the heart of our business. Our goal is to continually identify and research those products that our customers’ needs and want, instead of what we want to sell.

We look forward to a fruitful future and an exciting journey ahead.


Change is here.